Oak Wood

American Oaks have very good overall strength properties relative to weight. The wood is hard & heavy with medium bending strength, stiffness and high crushing strength. It has excellent bending capability. Being hard, stable when dry and easy to finish and stain. It is ideal for furniture and flooring.

Performance :

Oak lumber machines well, with good performance in nailing and screwing, although pre-boring is recommended. It glues well and can be stained and polished to a very good finish. Being porous, Oak absorbs all treatments. The wood dries best slowly to minimize degrade, but with high shrinkage and can be susceptible to movement in performance in humid conditions. The wood is rated as slightly resistant to heartwood decay, but moderately easy to treat with preservatives. This makes Oak suitable for being thermally modified.

Main Uses :

Mouldings, Flooring, Furniture, Doors, Cabinets